Team 8-2 News

Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Holloway, Mr. Salser, Ms. Waxman

General News!

Week of November 30- December 4:

Welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! The year is moving by very quickly...we have just 14 days left in this quarter and the first semester of the school year! Please help your students understand the importance of being at school, as well as completing all of their assignments during these last few weeks. We will not see them again until after our final grades have been submitted for the quarter, so all work must be completed and turned in by December18th.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

Holiday Band Concert- Monday, Dec. 7th 6:30-7:30 at the high school.

Book Fair -Dec. 7-11th

Our team will go on Thursday, Dec. 10th

Open afterschool, Thursday, Dec. 10th from 4-6pm.

Georgia Milestones Test Results Parent Meeting- Thursday, Dec. 10th 9-10am, or 6-7pm

Language Arts- Ms. Waxman

We are nearing the end of our novel, Behind Rebel Lines. We should be finishing up by Friday. The students will take the AR quiz for this book as an end of book test. We have be taking a few minutes after each chapter to make some annotations. This is a skill they will be using next year at the high school, yet many students are not keeping up with their daily annotations. Time is allowed for in class on most days, as well as students being able to come before school, after school, or even check out a book overnight. Chapters 1-8 were due to me before break. Ask your student to see theirs and see how they are coming along with theirs.

We will continue taking a closer look at narrative writing. The student's will revisit the piece they wrote before break, and try to make a few adjustments to improve the quality of their writing.

Our grammar focus this week is on "commas". Although most students use these without giving them much thought, our focus is on understanding the reason, or "rule" for each comma that is used.Having an understanding of proper punctuation can really enhance the writing process.

Our new roots are: “aud”, “phon” and "son". All of these deal with sound. A Study Stack link can be found in Google Classroom this week to give students an opportunity to study. The quiz will be next Thursday.

We have been looking at research terms for most of the quarter, and are getting ready to wrap them up. Students have a StudyStack for practice at home on these words, so that would be great review for them this week.

Reminder... your student should be reading something 20-30 minutes each night. Hopefully you student did some reading over break! Many students were ready to test today on what they read!

Math- Mrs. Holloway

This Week in Mathematics

Egg projects were due the day we left for Thanksgiving Holidays. Tomorrow is the last day for your student to turn them in. If your child has a zero in the gradebook, it has not been turned in. There will be a grade, or a green check if the student has turned in the project. Remember, there is only 3 weeks until the end of the quarter. We are finishing up our Geometry unit with rotations and dilations, and special angle relationships with triangles. Our Mastery Assessment for this unit is scheduled for next Thursday, December 10th. Students should be going through their notes nightly reviewing vocabulary and transformation patterns (rules) to move figures on the coordinate plane. Students have homework tonight, tomorrow night, and Thursday night. There will be no homework on Wednesday night. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

K. Holloway

Social Studies- Mr. Salser

This week we are studying in depth the Antebellum Period, the many compromises that put off the slavery issue, and the economic impact on the North and South that cotton played during this time. We will look into the slave rebellions, the Dred Scott Supreme Court case, The Compromise of 1820, the Compromise of 1850, The Georgia Platform Convention, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, and the Election of 1860. We will see how these events led up to the outbreak of the Civil War.

Tim Salser

Science- Mr. Anderson

With science, students continue the study of waves. Specifically, we are studying sound waves and will take part in a lab this week to reinforce what students should be getting from class reading, work and discussion. Also, students will be doing a hands on activity on Friday to build (hopefully) a working telegraph machine. This is a part of the STEM-- BLAST unit taking place on our hallway. Ask your son or daughter about it and they can give you details.