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Job Interviews: Good & Bad

Good and bad interviews

Bad Interviews: come in real loud and reject the employees hand shake, play with hair no good eye contact, move a lot and comes with a balled up resume and also cell phone was on loud not silent and also answer the phone in the middle of an interview.

Good Interviews: Come in quiet and respectful and gives the employee a nice gentle firm hand shake, resume nice clean and smooth and cell phone is turned off and also gives the employee good eye conduct to prove you want the job.

Interview Dos and Don'ts

Do's and Dont's


Dress for success- dress appropriately which includes nice close toed shoes

Good Firm hand shake

Answers to questions should be short and sweet


No blinging jewelry, no low cut tops

not a real hurtful hand shake

Don't make answers to your questions be long that your interview goes way over time

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