Art Styles of the 1800s


This is a style of the arts that focuses on conveying the world as it is. It emerged in the mid-1800's and was centered around the harsh life of city. This style produced many significant novels and authors including works like Oliver Twist and author Victor Hugo. Drama was also greatly influenced by the Realism movement. Paintings in this style are more focused on society's working class.


This was a cultural movement which focused more on emotion rather than accuracy. From 1750 to 1850, one century, people went against the ideas of the enlightenment. They drew a lot of nature as well.


This style is based on capturing the impressions of a subject, hence the name, impressionism. This style was challenged by the introduction of photography. Artists like Claude Monet and Edgar Degas were masters of the brush, painting so none of the colors mixed, for your brain mixed the colors for you.


This was a new and emerging art from in the early 1800's. France's Louis Deguerret and England's William Fox Talbot produced the first Photographs. They were usually stiff, smile-less portraits of the middle class. During the Civil War, photographers took their cameras to the battle fields and captured the grim aftermaths of those bloody battles.


This was an art style brought about by later artists that developed a variety of styles. Artists like Georges Seurat gave two perspectives on a painting by using many small dots to paint an entire picture. Vincent van Gogh painted with bight and vivid colors. Paul Gauguin painted in a way that evoked more emotion.