Sharon Creech

Writes Great Books and Isn't Often Mentioned

About the Author

Sharon Creech was born on July 29, 1945, in South Euclid, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, along with two parents(Ann and Arvel), a sister(Sandy), and three brothers(Dennis, Doug, and Tom). In the summers her family would travel to Wisconsin, Michigan, or, once to Idaho. They also often traveled to, Quincy, Kentucky where her cousins live. Quick was what became Buybacks, Kentucky(mentioned in Walk Two Moons, Chasing Redbird, Bloomability, and by reference not name in The Wanderer.) She wanted to become many things when she grew up, but in college she grew intrigued with story-telling, later she became a teacher (English and writing). Sharon has written many books such as, for adults, The Recital and Nickel Malley, and afterwards for youths, Walk Two Moons, Absolutely Normal Chaos, Pleasing the Ghost, Chasing Redbird, Bloomability, The Wanderer, Love That Dog, Granny Torrelli Makes Soup, A Fine, Fine School, Fishing in the Air, Heartbeat, Who's That Baby?, Replay, The Castle Corona, Hate That Cat, The Unfinished Angel, The Great Unexpected, and The Boy on the Porch. She is married to Lyle Rigg, and lives in Maine, USA, and has two grown children, Rob and Karin, she enjoys being with her family most, and writing comes second. She hopes to be telling stories for a long time.

Sharon's Style

Sharon Creech uses these style strategies: repetition through the sentence, reputation through the story, sound describing, and different dialects. Some examples of these are:

Repetition through the sentence, "bad, bad, bad." Page 4, Chasing Redbird. "Eating, eating, eating." Page 8, Bloomability.

Repetition through the story, "Zinnia Taylor: Agent of doom." Page 9, Chasing Redbird. "The Dreams of Domenica Santolina Doone." Page 9,19,etc. Bloomability.

Sound describing, "Click, click, whoosh.", "Whishhhhh." Page 18, Bloomability. "Splat." Page 60, Chasing Redbird.

Different dialects, "Presto!" Page 136, Bloomability. "Cripes!" Page 237, Chasing Redbird.

On a random page in two of Sharon's books I found:

  • Her average sentence length for Chasing Redbird, is 16.333.
  • Her average sentence length for Bloomablity, is 21.333.
  • Her paragraphs are shorter than most authors books, but some of the sentences seem to be longer.

Books I read by Sharon Creech

Books I read for this project:

  • Chasing Redbird
  • Bloomability

Books I read before this project:

  • Walk Two Moons
  • Absolutely Normal Chaos
  • The Wanderer
  • Ruby Holler
  • Love That Dog
  • The Great Unexpected
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The Ingredients of A Sharon Creech Character

The main characters in Chasing Redbird and Bloomability are basically the same, besides some exceptional differences. They both seem to feel misunderstood with life. Dinnie lived all over the place, and is used to people looking at her strangely. After going to school in Switzerland for a while, made her feel the same in some ways but oddly different in others. Living with her uncle and aunt, took away her ability to know what the girls her age would do when it was lights out, so when she was put in the position with the girls, she was surprised at the way the made "lights out" happen.

In Chasing Redbird, Zinny seem to feel like she does not fit in among her siblings, Gretchen and May fit together, Will, Ben, and Sam fit together, and Bonnie fits in with everyone, but Zinny doesn't really fit in. When she comes back ten days later to find everyone sleeping and her Mom tending Uncle Nate and Dad at work with her sisters friend in her bed, she feels forgotten and alone. They are both 13 and feel that the are "holes" in there life. Throughout the book I realize they really need to discover who they are, and what they want to do, and by the end of the book they have.

A Short Story with Sharon Creech's Style

I have had many types of food in my life, spaghetti, liver, intestine, turkey, ice cream, etc. but one food I have never had is a pierougie. I know it seems strange but never in my life have I had a pierougie, while all of my friends have pierougies at lunch, I sit with a sandwich in hand wondering what it would taste like if I weren't afraid to try it. And although Marie Antoinette never said let them eat pierougies, I've always wanted to try one, but then chickened out at the last minute. I guess it started at my old school, at lunch my classmates would gobble down the food like there was nothing slightly off with the chicken, and never a tint of green in the pizza. The school I went to drowned the pierogies in onion and oil, and then squash, it was spread over the plate. Then when I stared down at my food, the lunch lady would break my gaze, and surprise me with "Hey, there a problem or are y'all gonna stare down at that food forever, and I would say, "Yes, I ordered a sandwich." At the lunch table, I barely touched my food as my friend would do things like slurp, gulp, and "mmm, mmm, mmm." I would shift about in my chair while it went "creeeaaak." Not all of the foods were bad, just some were scary, like pierougies.

Sentences with Writing Styles

There was more crackling voices; the policeman gave a whoop of air. "Si!' he shouted. "É vivo! Alive!" Page 222, Bloomability.

We were a chorus of voice bianche. "Vivo, vivo, vivo!" Page 222, Bloomability.

I took Rose's medallion from my pocket, and my own medallion from the cabin drawer, and I held them a long time, a long, long, long time. Page 244, Chasing Redbird.