Dragon Points

Welcome Back!!! and Kudos!!!

Mrs. Landeros, Mrs. Marlin, and Mr. Chew for growing the AVID program and moving Durham to a Highly Certified Site.

Dragon Time

  • If you and your core teams have already designated where you wish to move your students for Dragon Time for the second semester, please send those lists to the counselors as soon as possible.
  • January 8th and February 12 are set aside to reteach students on Trust Cards and Safe and Civil School Protocols.
  • January 28th is the official start of targeted lessons for Dragon Time.

Operation Success

  • Currently, Tuesdays are for math (7th and 8th grade). During the second semester this will continue with the addition of 6th grade math as well as science and social studies.
  • Thursdays for the second semester are tentatively scheduled for ELA. I am hoping to increase this to a larger number than in past years.
  • The final list of teachers should be available next Tuesday so we can finalize groups.


  • Discuss during team meetings: when students are taking tests, how many tests they're taking, review the weekly calendar, and Dragon Points.
  • Reminder to bring five higher level thinking questions to the faculty meeting. Please be prepared to share your questions with others. Just looking' out the window. Watching the asphalt grow.
  • Window covers are for lock down drills in an attempt to keep everyone from being seen.
  • Project Nexus will be walking classrooms along with Lewisville's ELL department leaders next Tuesday, December 9th.
  • Being on hallway duty is more important now than any other time this semester.

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

  • During our faculty meeting one of our design coaches, Mr. Sean Hood, will be discussing with us some ideas on increasing literacy in the classroom; more specifically, those that are not tied to state mandated assessments (core, electives etc). The follow up for this will be next Monday during your team or personal conference periods. Please make sure to sign-in. More to come...
  • As we discussed during the Department Chair meeting this morning, as we venture down the road to the end of the school year and closer to state mandated assessments, it is important that we look at checkpoints. In other words how do we know what we are doing is working? Moreover, what type of quantitative data are we using to determine the success of our teaching and student learning? When is the last time you and your subject area partner compared data on passing rates? Department Chairs will be having this discussion with you in your upcoming meetings and meeting with me on your ideas for these topics.

The No Complaining Rule

Our weeks of positivity begin Monday.

Things to Do instead of Complain:
  • "Start a success journal. Each night before you go to bed, write down the one great thing about your day."
  • "Focus on the things that you have the power to change and let go of the things that are beyond you control. "


The bridges you cross before you come to them are over rivers that aren't there.-Gene Brown