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What Is The Relation Between Self-Harm and Bullying?

¨Get outta my way!'' She screams at me. I walk in the halls lonely as a wolf. Nobody notices me really ever though. Well, except her.

“Stop following me loser!” I put my head down and walk to my class. I have every Class with her. When I get to my house I run into my room. Grab my diary and pull my blade from the pocket in it. I roll up my sleeve, the blade rolls across my wrist. I feel everything in the world feels right again. The blood stains my pants but thank goodness I do my own laundry.

What Is Self-Harm?

Self-harm is an action of harming yourself to “fix” your emotions. People self-harm by cutting, skin carving, burning, scratching, bone breaking, picking scabbed wounds and plucking out your hair, eyelashes, or eyebrows. This is also called ‘trichotillomania.’

When cutting, you may be so depressed or stressed out that you might cut into and artery. This can kill you. In September, 2010 Nationwide Children's Hospital said that between 13 and 23 percent of U.S teens have self-injuries. 1.8 percent of teens had placed objects that are made of glass, wood, or other materials under their skin. And this obviously means they harmed themselves with those items. (

Why Do People Self-Harm?

People self-harm because of many reasons. There is no single cause to self-harm, according to In general self-harm is psychological pain and people think the only way out of the cruel world is to hurt themselves in physical ways, they think it will make them feel better about themselves. But in reality. It only makes them feel worse. The person might be trying to manage stress, distract themselves from emotional and/or physical pain. They might try to feel something because they are emotionally empty. They might be punishing themselves because they hate themselves. People say that their body is numb and they are trying to feel something. Self-harm makes them feel an emotion.

What Is Bullying?

Bullying can be physical or verbal. Physical bullying is intended to disturb, hurt, scare, threaten, intimidate or upset the victim physically. Bullies use physical contact when they think the victim will not defend themselves. Physical bullying mostly involves boys. Girls can also be a victim, but it is very uncommon. Physical bullying is uncommon anyways. The victims are usually smaller than the bully. The effects can leave emotional scars and physical scars. A victim is a person who has been attacked, injured, robbe, or killed by somone eles, according to

There are two types or bullying, indirect and direct. Indirect bullying is not intentional. It is usually referred to rational bullying. Direct bullying can be physical and verbal. It is intentional. This is when you do something to hurt a certain person.

Many bullies actually get bullied themselves. Maybe not from another student but from someone at home or outside of school. After they get bullied, they develop a low self-esteem or depression. They try to “fix” the problem by bullying others. It makes them feel superior. This is called the bullying cycle.

How Do We Stop Bullying?

We can stop bullying by confronting your bully. With a lot of confidence, walk up to your bully when he or she is alone and tell them that you don’t like them bullying you. You will want to do this in a public place, when their friends are not around.They might not even know they’re bullying you. Tell they you want to be their friend. Confidence is key. Most bullies think that the victim is scared of them, but if you show your bully that you are not scared. It could be a start of a friendship. (

Bullying is very common. Some people don’t even know they are being bullied. Maybe the bullies don’t know they are bullying. While it is very common, both the victim and the bully feel horrible after the act. Researchers also found out that if bullies do not have an intervention they have more long-term problems with school, the law, and relationships.

The next time I saw her in the halls being mean to me, I stood up for myself. I told someone. I feel good. Every scene she stopped bullying me. I stopped self-harming too. Now my life is taking a big turn forward. I feel happy now I also have a new friend.

Some Types Of Self Harm

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