London, England

By: Grace Harwood

Human Environment Interaction (H.E.I.)

London's H.E.I. includes natural resources such as natural gas, iron, ore, and timber.

It also includes London's climate and weather. The climate is mild with no dry season and warm summers. The annual mean temperature is 50.8 Degrees Fahrenheit. Another part of London's H.E.I. is it's major industries. London is a major financial center for international businesses and commerce and is one of the command centers for the global economy. The last part of London's H.E.I. is it's physical features which include small islands, rolling hills, natural harbors, and a mountainous northern region.

Movement: How People, Things, and Ideas Move in a Place

In London movement includes major forms of transportation such as cars, vans, and taxis. Movement also includes types of clothing worn which is formal and casual clothing, just like us. The last element of movement in London is foods eaten. London's food is traditionally based on beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fish, and is generally served with potatoes and another vegetable. Typical meals are sandwiches, fish and chips, and pie.

location: Where is it?

Place: What is it Like?

London, England is a very interesting and historic city with lots of fun things to do. Here are a few of the top tourists attractions in London.

1. World-famous British Museum: Highlights of this attraction include the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon sculptures, and ancient Egyptian mummies.

2. The London Eye: Worlds highest Ferris wheel with 32 capsules, it is also a major feature of London's skyline.

3. Science Museum: You get to see, touch and experience scientific advances of the last 300 years. You can also enjoy a huge Imax cinema.

4. Natural History Museum: Includes a collection of the biggest, tallest, and rarest animals in the world. There is also a dinosaur exhibition, and a life-size blue whale.

5. Tower of London: One of the world's most famous buildings. Discover a 900 year-old royal palace, prison, and place of execution.

Region: Things Areas Have in Common and Things That are Different

Region in London England includes the language spoken which is mainly British English. The region also includes Religion. The majority of people in London are christian. Other religions include Muslim, Hindus, Jew Sikhs, and Buddhists. Another part of London's region is the ethnicity which is English, white British, and British. London is a major city in England.

Interesting Facts

1. Tea made it's first appearance in London September, 1658.

2. The city of London is the historical center of the English capital.

3. London used to be the largest, most influential city in the world.