Wildlife Conservation

By Will Wilks

The definition of Wildlife Conservation

The definition is the practice of protecting wild plant and animal spies and their and habitat.

Thesis Statement

Many people believe hunting/fishing is a problem, but regulated hunting/fishing may be the biggest and best thing for wildlife and aquatic life to prosper.

Main Point #1

Hunters and fishermen contribute most the money used to fund wildlife conservation.

"The American Hunter/Fisherman contributes 1.7 billion to conservation annually"

Main Point #2

The problem of wildlife devastation is not the American hunter or fishermen but the commercial industries and poachers that take from nature but doesn't give back for what they take.

Main Point #3

There is many success stories for wildlife being saved from extinction that the funds from American outdoors man have funded.

American Bison

African Elephants

Water-foul on the East coast

Salmon in the Columbia river

What I learned from this research

  • Many benefits come from the funds of the Outdoors man
  • Commercial businesses/poaching cause so many problems for wildlife conservationist
  • Conservationist are involved in so many problems that we over look.

My Advice

  • DON'T procrastinate because tomorrow will never come
  • DON'T think the project would be easier to do tomorrow
  • Use a topic that you are interested in or it will be boring