Recruiting Boot Camp - Day 3!

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Day 3!

Gooooood morning ladies!

So what did you think of Wednesday and Thursday's homework? It's easy to think of ladies who love our products and that were involved hostesses, isn't it? It's easy to think of ladies that we would love to have on our team to add some fun and excitement!

I think that sometimes we get stuck in the thought process that we need people to express interest in joining before we express that we'd like to have them on our team. Does that sound right for you? I get it! I really do! I was the same way when I first started with Thirty-One. I thought that if someone was interested in joining they would let me know and that since people weren't knocking on my door asking how to join that they didn't want to. I. Was. Wrong! This video that I made shows you what happened to change my mindset.

Today's Homework:

  • Watch my video:
  • On the very last page in your Opportunity Notebook write down all of the excuses that you've been giving yourself as to why you haven't been offering the opportunity
  • Reply to this email with..
    • 1 Take Away from my video
    • 2 of the excuses you've been giving for not offering the opportunity
  • Rip out that last page that you wrote with all of those excuses and rip it up... you won't be using them anymore!

Didn't that feel good to rip up all of those excuses!?!

Check your email this weekend for some recommended 31 Minute Calls and on Monday morning for Day 4!

I believe in YOU!

Your Director - Sara Harrod

I am here to help support you on your journey, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got any questions! You can reach me via call/text, email, or FB!