The Vietnam War

By: Andrea Lopez

How the Vietnam War started?

The Vietnam War was the America's longest War, It was between the years of 1946 to 1975. Vietnam did not want to be under control of a Communist leader the United States pushed aside the puppet leader and replaced him for Ngo Dinh Diem. Throughout the 1940s and into the 1950s, the Vietminh under Ho Chi Minh was fighting the french colonial presence in Vietnam. By 1954, the U.S Paid 80 percent of the cost of France's war against the Vietminh. In the article of "The Vietnam war"in the Info base in the chicago public library website it talks about the main events that happened in the war. Also, the events leading up to the war and who was affected by it. On November 24, 1963, John f. Kennedy was assassinated, and on August 7, 1965, the Tonkin incident happened in which the involving of the three north Vietnamese navy boats were attacked.The Gulf of Tonkin resolution was passed in congress on August 7, 1964, it provided the legal authority for Johnson to escalate the Vietnam war. There were a lot of things that led to the Vietnam War and there were so many things that happened over those years that many people died and many dictators like Ho Chi Minh and he wanted to be independent of everyone else.

How could Ho Chi Minh avoid the Vietnam war?

The Vietnam War was a tragic thing in which 58,000 soldiers got killed. Since there was communism it was getting in control in Saigon when the war ended, but that doesn't mean everything was fine. Many kids had diseases and disabilities which occurred from the chemicals carried out of the war. There were different aspects that affected the events leading up to the war with the contract that speed up the Vietnam War, but there were a lot of things, for example, the assassination of JFK and within five years 400,000 soldiers were in Vietnam war trying to fight for their country when they might not even want to think of dying. There was a lot of communism going on with the government and that's how the Vietnam War started all because of communism. There is a lot that has to do with the effects of how the Vietnam war shaped the events of what happened. Ho Chi Minh wanted to speed up the process to go into war but couldn't or didn't want to slow it down so soldiers had more time to be in there normal lives or not even have the war that happened many years ago. There was many things going on with artilleries that the U.S wanted, for example, the economics and human rights shaped the Vietnam War to be really sneaky of how it did stuff with the factories doing military product when it was supposed to be doing consumer goods. The part of the Human rights is that there were groups in the military with black people doing the blank panthers so they can be resourceful of what they were doing in the military. The Vietnam war was a tragic thing that caused horrible things to happen to many people. Nothing can change the past but what happened in those years and made it what it is today. Ho Chi Minh might not have been able to do a big change to stop the war, but he should at least tried to make it work.

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This article gives me the basic information that I need to know about the Vietnam war, for example, when did the war happened, how many soldiers died in the war and many more. This article gave good information in who was involved with the war happening and what were some of the events that happened in the war. Something that it didn't have was many dictators that were trying to cause the war except ho Chi Minh.

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In this article, it talks about how the soldiers were affected by the war, who got injured and all that crazy stuff. There was good information about the numbers and percentages about how many soldiers were affected, how soldiers were in traumas because of the war. Something that it didn't have was how people tried to help them get over or help the soldiers to at least go to sleep to help them cop with what happened in the war.

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In this website, it talks about the economics that happened before and during the war. How there were factories involved helping the U.S get artillery instead of producing consumer goods like they are supposed to. Some good things are that it tells us what the U.S did to help themselves in the war and how the government was involved. Some things that it didn't have was how the other countries got theory artillery for the war. If they did the same as the U.S or something different.

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In this article, it talks about how the civil rights movement was involved in the Vietnam war and how there were different aspects that happened during the war. Some specific details that the article give are the effects of black power, the impact of the civil rights struggle and the resurgence of black sub-cultural style in the war zone. Some things that they did not add was how the civil rights my have helped the war to make it better in any way.