Should Vaccinations be Manditory?

by Emma Girolametto

I belive they should

Children have a higher risk of falling ill because their immune systems have yet to build up enough. It should not be entirely in the parents power to decide if the child suffers from disease rather than vaccinating. If the decision parents make only affects themselves then it would be ok but the fact that it puts children in danger of many diseases is not ok. I think that vaccines should be mandatory because it is dangerous to our youth but also to the rest of the country.


-Vaccines protect children from harmful yet preventable diseases which should be mandatory so everyone can be happy and healthy

-Vaccines allow us to prevent the spread of disease which also allows us to wipe out entire diseases

-Vaccines have been tested with all ages proving them safe to use on recommended schedules which allows few reasons not to vaccinate your children

-There should also be set schedules for vaccination because the more time you take to put off vaccinating your child the more susceptible they will be for disease

-There is also a chance of an old virus resurfacing, like Measles, which can spread to more people who do not vaccinate

-Vaccines are of very little threat to anyone and they do not cause autism and taking the chance that you'll fall victim to a very rare side effect of the shot is not worth how miserable you'll be if you catch some preventable disease

Vaccines are important to keep everyone safe


-Some parents believe certain vaccines may be too much for young infants and may overload their, still building, immune systems

-Occasionally vaccines can cause drastic side effects which can harm a child physically and mentally to the point where the child may never be the same

-Certain people may not want to vaccinate for religious reasons or they simply do not like the thought of vaccines in general


Generally the argument is split almost in half, should parents vaccinate their children. Some believe vaccinations are harmful and don't want to run the risk of their children getting hurt from vaccines. Others believe vaccination is for the best and understand that the possibly harmful effects of vaccination are rare and aren't worth worrying about when they know their child can be safe from preventable disease. Many people from both sides use the internet to persuade people to understand their side and many lie about certain things, like vaccines causing autism for example. Either way vaccines are causing an outburst about children's safety which is the number one priority.