Take A Trip To Wonderous France!

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Map of France

This is France. France is located in central/southwest Europe.

Population and Land Area of France

France has a population of 65.7 million people. Therefore there's a little overcrowd just a little. France is 260,558 sq miles long. It is a really big country.

Languages and Religons practiced in France

The french definently speak French but that's not the only language. 2.12% of french people speak German and 1.33% of people speak Occitan. 62% of the people practice catholism, 26% say they have no religon, 6% are muslims, 2% are protestants, and 1% is Jewish.(due to the holocaust)

Climate of France

In winter , there is plenty of snow for winter sports enthusiasts to enjoy in mountainous areas. More rarely, snow falls on the plains, mainly north of the Loire, and extremely rarely in Paris.

In spring, temperatures quickly rise above 20°C in the south, with the first swimmers appearing in Nice and Cannes. From the month of May, the whole of France puts on a tee-shirt. The days lengthen and it's time to take a trip to the countryside and enjoy an aperitif on the terrace.

Summers are hot and peaceful, the sun shining across the whole country. There are temperatures to to suit everyone: often reaching 30°C in Ajaccio and Marseille, 25°C in Brest and Deauville. People top up their tans and throng the beaches. It's the perfect time to go on a long trek in the mountains or explore the various regions of France.

Autumn marks the return of the rain, with the weather turning cooler as Christmas approaches. All across the country, the trees begin to show off their new colours. Walkers go out a little more wrapped up and the days start getting shorter.


Grapes are a very well distributed product but not so people can eat them, but so people can drink them. Grapes make wine and that is why Grapes are distributed often. France is one of the biggest wine producer in the world. Grapes are mostly eaten in the north but in the south they're mostly drunken.

Other Fruits Made In France

Type of Government

France is a country(no duh) and all countries need a government wether it's a dictatorship or a monarchy all countries need a government. Now what type of Government is the question. France's government is a unitary state, constitutional republic, semi-presidental system government. Now that's a big government.

Don't be too alarmed but here are some enviormental issues with France

Some major environmental issues with France are: forest damage from acid rain, smog from car emissions, and water pollution from urban waste. The government and volunteers are working really hard to crack down on smog and water pollution as well as acid rain. One way they're cracking down on acid rain is they're not letting factories burn coal. One way they're handling car emissions is they're giving emissions test which you have to pass to keep you're car.

Where in France do people live

3/4 or 75% of people live in the urban areas. These "urban areas" include Paris, Avignon, Strasbourg, etc. 1/4 or 25% live in non-industrialized areas.

Here are some major attractions

These are some major attractions that we reccommend you go to.


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