Rose Office Information Report

By Rosie

Where and What

There are many different types of roses which are grown internationally but mainly in the Valley of the Roses in Morocco. Some of these roses are rosa-damascena and damask, but there is around 5000 other different types of them which are grown in Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, India, Uzbecistan, Morocco and France.


Most rose oil is squeezed from rose otto and mainly made into perfume, rose water and fluorescent soaps. Some people think that the spirit of roses can cure constipation and head-aches.


More than 300 compounds or ingredients have been found in rose oil, some of thes consist of beta-damascenome, beta-damascone, bet-ionone and rose oxide.

Harvesting and Growing

Rose buds form in March through to April. The people start harvesting around the 10th and 15th of May. Depending on the atmospheric conditions harvest can go for 20 to 25 days. Late summer ground is ploughed 45 days before planting. Rose need a special climate to blossom and grow properly. But if they do not have that climate then they will fail and that would be disasterous for the growers.


In the rose factory large copper tubes are fillled with roses and water and after that processed for around 60-105 minutes.Concentrated oil and direct oil are nearly 20% of the final product, that 1/5 of it! Once that is finished it is packed and ready for use.