GSA Newsletter

April 2021 (AKA, the Day of Silence Newsletter)

Day of Silence! Day of Silence!

Registration is up for Day of Silence events!!! There are several awesome events happening the week of April 19th. Please share these with your students. Space is limited for the writing workshops on April 19 and 20th, so if you have writers, get them registered.

Our DPS event is Thursday, April 22 from 12-2pm. We will host world renowned slam poet and LGBTQ+ activist Andrea Gibson from 12-1 and then GSA students across our district have planned a beautiful self-care event from 1-2. Please support students to get registered! Registration for all attendees is required and must be done through Google. If you plan to broadcast this from your classroom, you can register your whole GSA. Registration for this event will close on Tuesday, April 20th. GSA leaders are needed to help facilitate the self-care breakout rooms from 1-2. If you are able to support, you can email me or note that in the registration form.

Here is the link to all events:

Here is the link to the DPS-sponsored event:

And here is the direct registration link to Andrea's show if the page doesn't work:

The DPS event is open to all students and staff. This event is open to all ages. Andrea's poetry can be intense. Mental health support staff will be on the call for support if needed.

Template for Students Missing Class on April 22

If you need to support students to have an excused absence on April 22, here is a template created by Brigitte Giattino. We know that some students are not out to their parents and are trying remove barriers to attending this event. Please support your staff to mark students in such a way that they feel safe.


Dear (insert administration/school leaders names),

Day of Silence is a national student-led demonstration where LGBTQ students and allies all around the country—and the world—take a vow of silence to protest the harmful effects of harassment and discrimination of LGBTQ people in schools. In an effort to virtually take part, Denver Public Schools LGBTQ+ Equity Initiatives is excited to announce a district wide event for all students and staff on April 22nd from 12pm-2pm. The event will include virtual activities such as poetry readings by queer artists and small group discussions related to building healthy coping skills.

Schools with GSAs are encouraged to invite their clubs, and this event is open to all students and staff. This event is considered a club related event, and therefore students do not need to gain parental permission to attend. We ask for your approval to allow interested students and staff to take part in the virtual event from 12pm-2pm on Thursday April 22nd, as well as your support in spreading the word during student announcements and community newsletters. We will have a registration process prior to the event so that you are aware of how many students and staff plan to attend. Registration for this event is required and will close on Tuesday, April 20th

Social Media Input Ask: Day of Silence

DPS will be posting a Day of Silence recognition on our social media. DMLK's GSA is writing our intro and my ask here is that GSA's submit a few sentences about why Day of Silence is important. Please fill out and return this form by Tuesday, April 20th if your GSA would like to contribute.

Thank you!

I know there is alot going on in this newsletter. I so appreciate all the students and GSA sponsors that have helped plan the self-care event and who provided feedback about our event. I am so excited to collaborate on this and hopefully more events in the future. I will also send an email with registration info tomorrow, which may be easier to pass onto your students.