The American Dream in 2005


Events, People, Movements, Ideas, Norms and/or Perceptions

In 2005 TV shows, such as American Idol and Survivor, greatly influenced the American Dream. These shows promoted status and wealth. It influenced the American people to make them think that in order to achieve the American Dream these things needed to be fulfilled. Paris Hilton was also popular in 2005. She helped set the status quo for what was the American Dream.

American Dream and the Historical Context

The American Dream is described as doing whatever it takes to obtain as much money as possible. This American Dream occurred during a time when wealth was sought after. People who had wealth were looked at as idols and controlled the trends of society. During this time period people focused less on relationships, but more on monetary things. All these people placed much value on money, that when the recession occurred many had nothing to turn to.

"Was there always this much pressure to get rich?"

"So here's one solution: forget rich"

Compare and Contrast

The American Dream used to be all about wealth but now in contemporary society it is all about people having equal rights. However, the central idea of the American Dream has stayed the same. It's all about getting more and doing whatever it takes to get it. Also, people in today's world believe that the American Dream is more attainable then it used to be.


By: Gloria West and Jennifer Shoemaker |BHS'17|