Cracking Comanche

Kush, Timmy, Bryce, Alexi


Welcome to our Cracking Comanche flyer.

Shelter/Geographical Location

The Comanche left their territory Close to the Rocky Mountains and moved to south of the Great Plains Region.  They lived in tepees.  The tepees were about 13 feet high,  but Cheifs had about double the size tepee.


They hunted buffalo which was the most common food.The Comanche mostly used bow and arrows because they can shoot 20 arrows in 1 minute.


A Comanche war helmet was impressively made of a bison's scalp complete with horns.The Comanche had copper colored skin with long straight hair.


Ceremonies would be for a person who is ill. Clothing would be made out from breech cloth.  Boys would not wear clothing for 10 years, but girls would wear wear clothing made out of deerskin.