Gabi A Girl In Pieces

By Pablo

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With this new adventure of young teenage girl. With her having many problems in her life like her falling in love with boys that she has crush and then realizing that the boys do not liker her. Also traject moments that will affect her. Leaving her in heart broken moments that will leave a teenage girl in pieces.


Gabi: Gabi is the main character and she writes in her dairy about many things that go in her life and also like to write peoms about her family like her grandparents and how she feels inside.

Cindy: Cindy is one of the popular kids in school but also the hottest girl in school but she does not care that much but only love being with her friend Gabi but something happen to her that is in-portent for a parent.

Plus other character liker Gabi brother her father and mother and also more characters that will change Gabis life.


"Meet Quintero’s 'fat girl' Gabi, eating and starving and fighting and writing her way through the crushing pressures of high school boy desire, religious approval and Mexican cultural taboos. I cannot think of any book today for young adults as voracious, bold, truthful and timely." —Juan Felipe Herrera, U.S. Poet Laureate

"Believing she's not Mexican enough for her family and not white enough for Berkeley, Gabi still meets every challenge head-on with vulgar humor and raw honesty… A refreshing take on slut- and fat-shaming, Quintero's work ranks with Meg Medina's Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass and Junot Diaz's Drown as a coming-of-age novel with Latino protagonists." —School Library Journal, starred review

"Told through Gabi’s diary, the book is tragic, hilarious, and always whip-smart. It’s also, I’m sure, one of the most diverse and all-encompassing YA novels out there." —John Hansen, The Guardian


In my book Gabi A Girl in Pieces the author Isabel Quintero has many ways of showing theme but one that stand out the most is healing. In the book their are many thing that happen to Gabi like her grandparents dying but mostly her father. She wrote poems tons of poems on how she mostly felt about them saying that how she like her grandparents being next to her. But when her she had found her dad died on the ground she really did not him to go away with that she said “ I ripped my feet from the ground and knelt next to my dad and shook him. My papi. But was gone”(Isabel Quintero pg 151). WIth her writing the poems she was able to forget, and with that mostly helping her heal instead of feeling guilt.