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Web Version: 10-8-21 Meeting Recap

Did You Miss the Kick-Off Meeting?

Please be kind. Video recordings are not edited and are intended for participants of the academy only. They are for information purposes only.

Video shared with Academy participants on 10/10/21.

Meeting Times

All participants have voted. Yeah!!!!

  • 62% voted Friday as the preferred day for meeting.
  • 46% voted Thursday as second choice.
  • 55% indicated that the middle of the day (CT) is the best time to meet. (Perhaps a lunch and learn:) Bring your lunch!
  • We have a participant that has Administrative meetings Friday mornings. Hopefully the time below will accommodate those meetings.
  • I propose that we meet two Fridays per month when possible from 11:30-1:00.
  • We have an alternate date we can use when scheduling content experts to allow more flexibility. We will attempt to schedule content experts on the Friday time above or on Thursday afternoons from 12:00-2:00 CT. I will attempt to "firm up" the year's schedule by our next meeting.
  • Please email me if these time do not work for you a majority of the time. Due to the nature of the job, everyone has to miss occasionally. Although meeting in person is much more beneficial, we will record content for each meeting. You can also occasionally schedule a time with me to go over any missed meetings one on one.
  • Expect a calendar invite for our next meeting October 29, 2021 at 11:30 CT.

Mentor Selection

  1. Please review the Bios.
  2. Participants are asked to select a Sr. Thought Partner by entering their name by their first choice using a linked spreadsheet. Nine of have already selected!

Optional Opportunity: WS-101 Cybersecurity Workshop

October 19-21 2021

10:00-12:30 Easter Time (9:00-11:30 CT)

Academy cohort members should email Jill Brown to attend.

Leadership Module: CoSN Early Career K-12 CTO Academy

Friday, Oct. 29th, 11:30am-1pm

This is an online event.