7th Grade Science

Week of 2/8

>>>Human Body Systems<<<

We've had fun learning about the musculoskeletal system. We will likely keep reviewing as we continue with human body systems. Next up is the digestive system and nutrition, which will include a quiz on Friday 2/12. No school Monday, 2/15.

Progress reports have been sent home and need to be signed and returned. Also, please consider donating to our class store. Full sized candy bars are a favorite, as are all chocolatey treats. Thanks so much for all of your support throughout the year!

Tentative Schedule


CW: Musculoskeletal Quiz + DE Human Body Systems (Digestion)

HW: None


CW: First Semester Awards + Teen Panel; Bill Nye + Crash Course Digestion

HW: None


CW: Digestion Discussion, Notes, + Diagram

HW: Digestion Review + Reinforce WS (due Friday)


CW: Digestion cont'd + Finish DE HBS Video w/ Questions

HW: Finish Digestion WS


CW: Quiz + Vocab, Nutrition Discussion + Interactives w/ Healthy Plate (continued Tuesday)

HW: Finish Plate