The Climax

BMS Summer Reading Assignment - Adriano Lopez

To me, the Most Interesting Part was

...when Matty was instructed by Seer to go find Kira and bring her back to the Village and the events that took place during the journey. In page number 102, Matty went looking for Kira and had to go through the dangerous Forest in the process. Eventually Matty found Kira in another village and on their return trip, they both had a number of dangerous encounters. One in particular happens in page 154-155, when Leader sets out to help Matty and Kira get back to the Village. Leader, through Kira's telepathy gift, saw that they were in trouble and decided to go help them. In the process, Leader tells Kira to instruct Matty to use his gift in an attempt to heal the Earth. Matty, even though he was very weak, decides to use his gift to heal the Earth and happens to die in the process. I think it was very noble for Leader and Matty to sacrifice themselves for the better good of the Village, Earth and all its inhabitants. I find it particularly heroic people who scarify themselves for the better good of a community. I think it hits home because of my dad being in the military and giving so much for this country without expecting anything in return, but just for satisfaction.
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