From Wax To Crayons

By: Naida Hodzic


Have you ever wondered were crayons come from? I will tell you how they get it.


So then they get the wax from petroleum .So then they start making the wax.Then they start pot pigment for the color.After all of that we can go to the factory.


When the mixture is lumpy and bubble as it cools. The next step is when they are done we put it in the shape when it is all done they wrap the crayon so it doe's not break that fast .when they are almost done they put it in so it can be stiffer. Then they put it in so it can be like 135 degrees Fahrenheit and they put it in.after all of that in a truck they bring to the store.


After that the store it in the spot were the crayon's go then adult's and kids by them. Please do not stop reading now to to learn all the fun facts.

Fun Facts

So do you want to now some thing. So they can be different colors like, blue, teal and so many different colors and that is cool. They also they are not just wrapped once they are actually wrapped twice so it can not break like I said .Also they can make 3 billon a year.


To have fun coloring and also having so much fun with the color's. Also you know wear crayons come from.
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