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Property Criticisms in Bangalore shows a clear guide lines to people for who has plans to buy property in garden city of Bangalore. It analyses the builder’s quality, materials and services in today’s real estate market. Thanks to landholders desperate to strip off foreclosure and con artists who are eager to rip off those looking to buy or rent. It can be hard to know a sincere opportunity when it comes along, especially if that opportunity seems too good to be true. Working with a reputed real estate agent can be a great way to avoid the most common types of real estate rip-offs, but there are other things you can do to safeguard yourself. After analyzing most of the Property Reviews in Bangalore and other cities, we have hereby classified the most common real estate scams you may face while either searching to buy a house, rent a house or buy income property and then let’s talk about a few ways you can protect yourself from being tricked.