Dollar Menu

Answers to video By: Harman

Number 1

The factors that influence the Gonzales Family is mainly time, and money. They leave home early and come late, not having enough time for the parents to make homemade food. Also burgers, and fast food items are cheap. For a dollar they can get a burger, in less than a minute. Just for a cabbage head, they are paying as much as a burger they can get in much less time it takes to make something out of cabbage.

Number 2

Foods such as burgers, and tacos. Anything on the dollar menu is something they can get for the price of one item of fruit or vegetables. The younger sister picked out a vegetable, but the older one looked at the lbs, and price, and saw that just for a pound they can only get 2 or 3 of the vegetable, whereas in a fast food restaurant they can get 2-3 burgers for the same price. The mother says, "Well we can get hamburgers here for the same price". She also says we can get candy, chips, and 2 liter bottle sodas for very cheap prices, but the fresh food costs more.

Number 3

The man says in the video, that the bad and higher calories are the ones being subsidized. I also think that these products are much cheaper to make, and fresh food can be harder to come by. Some of the products is just chemicals and cheap items that can easily be obtained, whereas fresh produce takes time to grow, takes water, and other resources.

Number 4

When farmers that have subsidized crops are giving more tax dollars and income, they have the opportunity to grow more and faster, and the more the product, the cheaper it can be. So if these bad calorie products are given more tax dollars, the higher supply of the product will be, and the lower price for the product.

Number 5

Income can ultimately control what we eat. Income is the predictor of obesity, because put simply, fresh produce, and fresh products COST MORE. The lower level income families can go and buy cheap hamburgers, and fast food items, that are convenient to them. They cannot afford all of the fresh products that cost a lot more money, and if they are working extra hours to support the family, they also would not have time to make homemade, fresh food.