May 9th - May 13th

Weekly Announcements

Happy Monday!

  • Today is the last day to sign your contract for the following school year! If you just got your contract last week- you have 15 days from the date it was issued :)
  • Roots assessments will begin this week :)
  • Career Day is Wednesday! Students can "Dress for Success!"
  • Reading Seed Celebration with students and tutors! 3-4 LRC
  • All library books are due to the library on Friday!

2016-2017 School Year

In preparation for next year...

  • we will be putting our computer lab back into the lab (Franklin's Room)
  • I am working on new room assignments for some of you. I will talk to you.
  • I will also invite Manny to our staff meeting to review end of year clean-up and check-out. For example- all staples out of all the walls, everything comes off the walls-etc.
  • Myriam and I will have a comprehensive checkout list for you.
  • Please be preparing your student files:
a. last math unit test
b. writing sample (last ELA test?)
c. data folders- maybe next year's teacher could begin the data talks with your


We won't begin to take things off the walls until the last week of school. Environment influences behavior- please stay focused on reading,writing, EiE and math instruction. Thank you :)

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Volunteer Luncheon on Wednesday!

I thank you for showing your appreciation to our volunteers.

Due to a scheduling conflict most volunteers will have to leave campus at 12:30. order to recognize all of them we will hold a certificate ceremony at 11.

During collaboration when we eat most volunteers may not be present but know that I will extend our gratitude. I will let you know where we set up for luncheon at 12:30.

Talent Show!!!

Here is a list of the students who made it into the talent show:

Ramses Monreal, Adrian Cano, Carlos Ormsby, and Sebastian Andrade

Renee Romero, Samantha Romero, Marina Barajas, Janeth Rodriguez, and Aritza Vasques

Tais Rosas

Jasmine Bejarano, Yanitza Toysehua, and Cristal Leyva

Dominique Armenta

Paola Villa and Victoria Dicochea

Christopher Murillo and Adrian Cano

Stephanie Monreal, Dennise Lara, and Yuliana Perraza

We are asking that the following students attend a second tryout next week. There will be more information on that later:

Yuliana Gracia, Elizabeth Carrizoza, and Grecia Romero

Lezly Rivera

Emma Villa

Alonso Hernandez, Roberto Levas, Zaid Ramos, Raymond Bravo

Gionni Ramirez and Hugo Lopez

If a student comes to you and is not on either of these lists, then they did not make the cut. Thank you for your help.

Grade Level Ceremony Certificates

Good Morning-

Certificate Ceremonies are one way we celebrate our student’s academic and ROAR success.

We are calendaring end of year certificate ceremonies. Please invite families to attend. They will be held in the cafeteria. Can you please have the kids perform? One song is fine J They can perform this song at our end of year talent show as well J

I will give you the promotion sashes to put on the kids as they enter, they can be in free dress. Last year we had the kids create their college/career 8x10 poster/picture so they have it to march in with. Please do this again J I will have white construction paper for you J

I will make:

1. End of Year Completion (Promotion Certificate)

2. Principal’s Award

3. Attendance Awards (thru May 6th)

You make certificates for:

1. Math

2. Reading

3. Writing

4. Citizenship

(every child should receive at least one certificate)

Please limit yourself to the 4 areas- we have to stay timely J If you want to negotiate the 4 areas I’ve identified, I’m open J

If you have a problem with the date I’ve chosen…please see me J I want all teachers in attendance pleaseJ


1. Principal Welcoming

2. Performance

3. Teacher certificates

4. Attendance certificates

5. Promotion Certs

6. Principal Certificate

7. Principal closing remarks

I plan to have chairs set-up on the stage and students will be called onto the stairs…I’ll give you details at staff meeting J

Send questions my way J

End of Year Celebrations!

We'll talk more in detail at a future staff meeting!

  • Grade Level Ceremonies: we will award all students a promotion certificate, attendance recognition, math, reading and writing, student council and principal's certificate. Will you think of a song your grade level can showcase?
  • End of Year Kick-ball game- will occur on the last day of school! More details to come
  • Water day will be on Wednesday, May 25th (full day of school this year) Thursday, May 26th is a half day!

May Birthdays!

Margie Cisneros - 1st
Tanaya Matthews - 22nd
Melody Duke - 27th

National School Nurse Day on Wednesday!

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