Riordan 2016 MBA Fellows Issue #1

From your 2016 Riordan Yearbook Team

RiordanMBA2016 Instagram is now LIVE!

Yes, you heard it first! Our RiordanMBA2016 Instagram is now LIVE!

As Yearbook Directors, we want to service the Riordan Fellows this year by capturing real time moments utilizing the best on-demand platform that we all know and love. Please take a brief moment to follow the account and make sure to use the hashtag to be entered in a monthly competition! We will be awarding a prize to one Riordan Fellow during each session for the best photo of the month so snap away!

username: RiordanMBA2016

hashtag: #RiordanMBA2016

[UPDATE] Picture Day at Session #2 & #3

In the interest of time, we have decided to split up Picture Day into 2 sessions. Please note the updated schedule below.

Session #2 - Teams 1-6 & Leaders

Session #3 - Teams 7-11

We will go in order, starting with Team 1. Those in Teams 1-6 who will not be at Session #2 can take their photos during Session #3. Those in Teams 7-11 who will not be at Session #3 can take their photos during Session #2. We’re very flexible!

Please email us at if you have any questions or concerns.

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Ugly Sweater Contest

Saturday, Dec. 5th, 8pm

6541 Hollywood Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA

Ugly is in the eye of the beholder! And to judge your eye for ugly we'll be having an UGLY SWEATER CONTEST during this next fun Holiday social event!

We invite you to come socialize and commune at Secret Hookah Lounge in West Hollywood for a truly authentic chance to 'let down your hair' and 'loosen your ties'. Lets kick off the Holiday season right! Get your old people naps in after Saturday's session and join us ready to Turn Up that Holiday Cheer! Throw on your most socially unacceptable holiday sweater, and we look forward to seeing you all there

The Fun begins at 8:00pm and so does the judging for the Ugliest Sweater.

WINNER will receive a PRIZE!! Winner will be announced at 9:15pm - subject to change.

Yelp! | Facebook Event

Logistical Advice:

Many of you do not live in the immediate LA area. Due to the gap in time between our session's end time and this event, I would encourage you all to communicate with your fellow Fellows and potentially strategize on changing/resting at a LA area buddy's house, as oppose to any unnecessary commuting.

Those of us who live in the LA area, please open thy door to thy fellow Fellows! Thank you!

If you have any question what so ever please do not hesitate to contact your Social Chairs:

Magali Limeta -

Corbin Pickett -

What do you want to know about your classmates? - due Wednesday, December 9th

As Yearbook Directors and recognizing the ever changing world of media and technology, we will be creating a "yearbook" in the form of a website! Not only would this website be useful for everyone while they are in the program, but also for years to come. We want everyone to be able to find out more about their classmates in a way that can strike up conversations at our monthly meetings and manifest strong relationships - maybe even lead to business partnerships!

Also in creating this, we want to know what YOU want to know about your classmates! It can range from "what are your five favorite television shows?" to "what would you do if you were unafraid?" Make your questions meaningful because we will all have to answer each other’s questions (after we review and narrow down the questions)!

Please submit your question here: by Wednesday, December 9th, 2015.

Note: We will already be including such basic information questions such as where were you born, where you went to school, where did you grow up, your title/company, industry, school, location etc.