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We realize that it can sometimes be challenging to attend our monthly School Leadership Team meetings due to work schedules and busy morning routines. We want to provide alternative ways for parents to stay informed and be included in the SLT process so we're giving this a shot! We welcome your feedback!

**UPDATE** We are now providing childcare from 8:00-9:00 so that more parents can attend. Meetings will begin promptly at 8:00 and students will go to the computer lab during this time.

What is SLT?

The School Leadership Team is a group of teachers, administrators, PTA representatives, and parents that meet every 3rd Thursday of the month at 8:00 am to discuss and share important information about Highland Mill Montessori. It’s a great way to learn more about what’s going on at HMM and how you can be actively involved in your child’s education.

School Leadership Team Meeting- MAY 19th

Thursday, May 19th, 8-9am

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School Leadership Team Agenda-May 19, 2016

Share the Joy

Beginner’s Day

Transitional Open House

Night of the Arts

Review of School Improvement Plan

Parent Representatives for SLT for 2016-2017 school year

Parent Questions

Staff Members:

Dr. Patricia, Megan, Beth, Cheryl, Holly, Jamie, Stacey, Tanya, Vicki

What did you miss? Notes from last SLT meeting

Highland Mill Montessori

School Leadership Team

April 21, 2016

Attendees: Dr. Patricia, Megan Bever, Vicki High, Stacey Powers, Sharilyn Seale-Banks, Jamie Nicholson, Mandy Norman, Kate Baltes, Kaitlyn Marshall, Cheryl Smith, Tianna Legardye, Jennie Blackburn, Bharathi Balaji, Hillary Fleming, Tanya Mays, Holly O'Brien, Stephanie Roberson, Amanda Wommack, Shavonne Clark, Beth Leo

8:03 Share the Joy

  • Sixth grade TD students teaching second grade TD students Math problems

  • May 27 is a workday again


  • Transitional Open House is going to be May 6 after Muffins for Mom at 9:15

  • One teacher from each level discussing differences and similarities between all the levels

8:08 Night of the Arts

  • Will be having a Spring Concert. Band will begin program with an intermission when parents can visit book fair, technology, and art than we will resume with musical

  • PTA meeting prior. Performance starting at 6:15. Whole thing should last an hour and a half. 6th grade students are helping organize event.

  • Is there a way to communicate to parents what is taking place in band/6th grade? Talking about it on news? Facebook spotlight and PTA newsletter to get word out. Working on a newsletter for special areas for next year.

8:15 Early Release Day-professional development

  • Have been focusing on Literacy but yesterday the staff talked about parent education. Each level mapped out three parent education meetings.

  • Topics include peace education/conflict resolution, student work, and community building.

  • Special area spent time working on a monthly newsletter to begin next year will come out once a month at beginning of month.

  • This was a result of parents wanting more communication and parent education.

  • Suggestion for PTA to provide food for these nights when parents are asked to be here. PTA is open to this will look at for next year.

  • Suggestion: Add character development to the PTA Facebook or a bulletin board in school to reinforce character traits

  • Send PTA Facebook page link to teachers so they can communicate to parents

  • Teachers can send information to the PTA Facebook but must make sure photo release must be signed prior.

8:31 Class trips

  • Parent asked Dr. Patricia if class trips are possible. It was brought to SLT and discussed. Cost and time limitations because we are a late school could be an issue, chaperones, would need to talk to Upper EL team

  • Under consideration for next year

8:39 Montessori Parent Advisory Group Report

  • This is a group of parent representatives from each CMS Montessori school that meets with the Magnet office once a month. Maribel Casas-Cortes and Rachel Rodden are our representatives.

  • From Maribel:These are the notes from the CMS-led Montessori Parent Advisory Meeting that met today at Sedgefield. The Magnet Director was not able to attend so there was some points to be addressed in the next meeting in May:

1. collaboration of report cards among CMS Montessori Magnet programs

2. collaboration of test preparation among CMS Montessori Magnet programs

3. Process of renewal of parent representatives at MPAG for next year

The main action point from the MPAG meeting was to inform our schools that there will be a Parent Education Speaker Series where the different public Montessori schools can participate, both attending and hosting. The plan is to have 4 events during the year, rotating location among the elementary schools.

8:41 Parent topics:

  • Outdoor activities- gardens, access to outdoors,

  • Have suggested that we have a PTA Representative for next year to help with gardening for each class

  • The PTA does have a line item for gardening teacher would have to request funds.

  • Public forum for classroom needs: reading buddies, garden help, volunteers

  • Practical life- how available it is throughout grade levels, what it looks like at different levels

  • Caring for the environment

  • Care of self

  • Primary has an area of Practical life. More obvious in primary. It takes on different forms at upper levels.


  • Funding for teachers to attend Montessori conferences? Has been brought to PTA.

  • Staff will look at middle and upper el report cards to add a few suggestions from parents to include work habits

Thank you for parents and staff who attended the meeting today.