Each year, thousands of art teachers nationwide showcase their students’ artwork online at Artsonia, the world’s largest online student art museum, offers a free, educational program to schools, teachers and parents.

Artsonia: Benefits
Participating in Artsonia provides many benefits to schools, teachers, students and parents:

* Boost students’ pride and self esteem: Participating teachers experience the increased pride and self esteem their students feel after participating in Artsonia. Viewing their own creations in an online museum, students are putting forth extra effort in the art room, knowing it will be posted for all their friends and family to appreciate.

* Increase parental and family involvement in students’ education: Parents and family members take a much more active role in their child’s art education by viewing the artwork online, joining the child’s fan club, and leaving supportive comments in the artist guestbook. This feedback from family, especially relatives who may not live nearby, is priceless in the development of the child’s artistic confidence.

* Financial support for art program: After the student artwork is published online, the parents and family may purchase keepsakes from the museum with the child’s artwork imprinted on it, and 20% of the revenue is commissioned back to our school's art program.

* Integrate technology into the classroom: Teachers and students engage in classroom art projects, and publish their artwork in an online art gallery. The technical literacy of viewing artwork online, tracking artists own statistics online, leaving other comments for friends, etc, provides a technology experience for students that stays within a safe, educational environment.

Artsonia: Important Questions and Answers

1. How do you ensure privacy for young students? On the Artsonia website, each student is identified only by a “screenname” which is usually the student's first name and number (e.g., Sarah22). Last names are never publicly posted on the website. Additionally, all comments are pre-approved by the registered parent before being posted for the artist. Teachers can either pre-register the parent directly if they have access and permission to use the parents’ contact information, or they can distribute “security keys” to the parents for use when they register online. (A security key is a special code that ensures only the parent or legal guardian can register online for their child.)

2. Who owns the copyright of the artwork submitted? Artists retain ownership of their artwork. However, when the parent registers on the website, they grant Artsonia the right and license to, among other things, publish the artwork in the museum, on merchandise, and on Artsonia promotional material. Artsonia will always remove any artwork from its website upon request. For full details, see our Terms and Conditions at


Artsonia offers teachers and families an unprecedented opportunity to showcase artwork to a worldwide audience. This can lead to a tremendous boost in the pride and self esteem of young people, develop their multicultural outlook and increase family involvement in their education and achievements. Participating teachers also get recognition for their art program, integrate technology in their curriculum, and receive financial assistance for their art classroom.