Labels for Education

Let's enter CCE into the Grand Stand Sweepstakes!!

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Grand Stand for Schools Sweepstakes

Labels for Education is currently running a Grand Stand For Schools Sweepstakes where schools have a chance to win $500 or $10,000!

All we have to do is collect Labels for Education UPCs from products you already have at home!!

You can attach your UPCs to the following collection sheet:

(Please do NOT print the collection sheet double-sided. It will make it invalid.)

You can turn in these special collection sheets into the school during the next Box Top/Labels for Education pick-up date on September 18th or continue to collect Labels for Education until October 9th. All Sweepstake collection sheets must be turned into the school no later than October 9th.

By using these collection sheets, we will get 20 extra bonus entries into the sweepstakes. This is on top of the points we get for the UPCs you collect. It's a WIN-WIN!

Want an easier way to help?

If you would like to help, but don't purchase many of the products with Labels for Education UPCs, we have an easy thing you can do!

Between now and October 9th, you can go to this link daily and enter in your email address and choose Clear Cleek Elementary. This will also enter the school into the sweepstakes.

Let's do our part to give our school the best chance in the sweepstakes!