Barclay Bulletin

May 1, 2022

Swimming Unit

Next Monday we begin our swimming unit during Physical Education classes. Mrs. Waite and Mr. Thore sent a letter home last week outlining the swim unit, and discussed the unit with their classes on Monday and Tuesday. I am very excited that we are able to bring swimming back to students after a two year break due to COVID. I also realize that this will be the first opportunity that students have had to go swimming during the school year, and that may create questions or concerns regarding what to anticipate during the unit. Our physical education teachers have created a video that allows you to see what the experience will look like from the time they arrive at the pool until they have to board the buses to come back to Barclay.

This is a part of our physical education curriculum, and students typically swim from first through eighth grade. With the COVID shutdowns and restrictions, none of our current Barclay students have attended swimming classes through the school. We do not have options for students to stay at school, students who cannot participate due to medical or other communicated concerns will have seating on the bleachers at the pool.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding swimming, please reach out to our physical education staff first. If you still have questions after that, feel free to reach out to myself or Mrs. Roberts. You may reach us via email or by calling the school at 637-1840.

Student Pick Up

If you plan to pick your child up from school, please call, send in a note, or email us at:

We do ask that you let our office know by 2:30 at the latest if you are picking up at the end of the day. As the weather turns nicer, we may have different staff outside for the car check-in. Please remember to have your pick-up pal or ID handy to show the staff outside when you are checked in.

Remember - we do not know when your plans change and you alter your schedules. If you no longer wish to continue a scheduled daily pick-up you should also notify our office staff. Plans you communicate through transportation should also be communicated through the main office of the elementary buildings.