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Collaboration Week

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Friday Checkout

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Collaboration Week!

Many of our grade levels are working on Research! Yay! Guess who would love to collaborate and work with you!! Yes, Your Friendly Librarian!

So how does this work? How do you collaborate with the Librarian?

This week we will be trying a collaboration week. You can sign up for days and times to work with the Librarian.

*Let me know what you are researching or studying

*Collaborate(discuss/brainstorm/extend) on a lesson and activity to extend your research or topic

*Put the plans into action

*Enjoy the students learning :)

Not doing research, but want to collaborate? Yay! Sign up and we can work together. For example: 1st Grade - How to activities... Kinder - Wrap up research with a creation, etc.

Want to Collaborate? Click the link below to sign up for a time this week!

Library Time

You will come in to the library at your regularly scheduled library time. During this time, your students will checkout books. (approx. 15-20 for book checkout)

If you want to have a library collaboration lesson, click the link to sign up for collaboration week.

Upcoming Events-Maker Space Week

Join us for a week of Maker Space Activities! Check out problem based learning at its best. We will have a week of hands on activities for you to choose from to attend. Wear your gloves and get ready to experience a hands on, problem solving approach to learning! Don't miss this end of year activity! Coming this May!