Amur Tigers Saved By Conservation

By:Brittany Bryant

How does conservation help more than preservation for the tigers?

These tigers would not handle being preserved as well as have being conserved. Amur tigers usually have hunting areas of 250-400 kilometers and only the male and females territory intersect, for tigers are extremely territorial and if a male crosses another males area, they could brawl or kill each other. If Russia were to create a preserve for them, there would be little to no room for themselves. So instead they finally decided to keep them in their natural habitat, but with trap cameras so they could keep a better eye on the tigers. With conservation Russia is saving their trees and resources, because it came to their attention that these resources are vital for the tigers too. With more and more laws and people helping this goal of the tigers flourishing again, it is quite possible that they could some day be off the endangered list. Although there are few tiger attacks conservation is still the ideal choice because of the large amount of land needed for these majestic animals, preservation would make them feel restricted and slowly start decreasing even though it could save few people this could not greatly benefit.

Hunting threatens population

By 1940s the amur tiger was on brink of extinction with no more than 40 left. This subspecies was saved once Russia decided to give the tigers full protection. By 1980's population was up to 500 but has gone down to 400 due to poachers.

Major Problems for the tigers

These magnificent creatures have been poached for many of years but have still survived these harsh longing years. Russia was the first to stop and act upon these creatures. They decided to make poaching illegal, stop deforestation, stop expanding cities, and start protecting and researching the tigers so they can find more help for them. Because of deforestation, much of their prey has died because of loss of habitat which causes the tigers to find alternative prey or starve. With more people moving into their habitat, the tigers slowly start to hunt humans, for there is no other food available. This can cause people the reason to kill them because they must protect themselves. This is why Russia has started to conserve much of the prey, land, and trees for the tigers.

conservation for the tigers

Goal for the conservation project, is to get more accurate information from the tigers so they can come up with better and more effective ways to protect them and have them flourish. To help with the recovery of the population, they are banning hunting, using less of the resources, and trying to keep from expanding into their natural habitat. They are now adding trap cameras to their ecosystem to keep a close eye on them and their prey. The WCS has also set up monitoring of these tigers, by dispersing 16 monitors across the landscape, they are able to monitor the population of them as well.

Life without them

Life without the tigers would break the entire food chain apart by making their prey begin to flourish and start to consume many grasses. This would make grasses slowly die out and there would be nothing to stop the prey to keep flourishing unless they ran out of food. The tiger is also a famous tourism site for many people and this is how many countries are able to keep their economy in check. Without the tigers, many of the forests, which are being protected for the tigers sake, would be torn down and slowly they would die out too which would have a depletion in oxygen.

Threats to Tiger

Logging, conversion to agriculture, expanding of cities, fires, mining, roads, poor law enforcement and worst of all poaching.

Conservation vs. preservation

Preservation is the attempt to maintain resources in their current condition in an area that is untouched by people.

Conservation allows people to still interact with their environment and not be restricted from it, so they are protecting while living in the area.