What are "cookies"?

What are they and what do they do a guide by Callum McBryde

What are internet cookies?

Your thinking of the sweet vintage sweet that everyone loves, but your wrong cookies are important as they contain small parts of data stored in the users browser..

The cookie is a text file that are downloaded onto your computer, will automatically check for the relevant cookie files stored on this website they could be as simple as;

Passwords and usernames

Banking information




Email Address

Privacy Invasion

Google has developed a service that track what you look at on the internet and provide you with adverts this has caused some outrage with some members of the public due to they feel that some of they're privacy is in fact being compromised. However, they urge that such increased ad effectiveness must be weighed against the impact on user privacy and the fact that there is no obvious consent given for such tracking. Given the rapid evolution of cookie-based ad-serving and behavior-tracking technology, consumer privacy activists are urging a reconsideration of the default standards for cookies. The rise and fall of flash cookies intensified the privacy debate.