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Created by: Students of Mrs. Hoffman's Class


This week we made gods' eyes ornaments. It was a fun way to create something new. You had to follow the directions exactly or else it would fall apart or not work.

Also, we made snow globe stories. We had to type out stories, attach them to Google Classrooms, edit them, and print them. Then we made little snow globes and glued them on the paper. (See photo below)

by: Evelyn Rhodes

PS. Thank you to Mrs. Slad for helping out with a lot of hot glue and even more snow.~Mrs. Hoffman

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Math Maddness

We learned how to sing the multiplication and division songs. For example, we learned 3s, 4s, 6s, 7s, and 8s. Our challenge is to practice our math facts so we can earn a Popsicle party in January. We have to pass addition on Xtramath.com. I think everyone did well on the test.

by: Samantha Webb

Congrats to Adam and Alexis J. for making it to subtraction on Xtramath.org! What a great accomplishment! ~Mrs. Hoffman

Mrs. Gross' Math

This week we have been working on multiplying 6s, 7s, and 8s. We've been working on putting the parenthesis in the right place in multiplication problems. My favorite part of math was when we played multiplication races with Mrs. Hoffman's math class in the hall.

by: Leah McGuire

Science with Prairie Dogs

This week we have learned about prairie dogs. We had Mr. Scarpelli come in and tell us how they had a problem with prairie dogs on their farm. He told us that prairie dogs made holes and cows would step in them and break their legs.

We learned that people would kill the prairie dogs because they were looked at as pests. Five groups split up to find solutions to learn more about their needs. We came up with the idea that we could create a zoo for prairie dogs to regrow the population. They could also dig deeper holes so they when they build the houses on the land, they wouldn't be able to hit the prairie dog's house.

by: Vinny Tiberi

Water Conservaion Assembly

On Thursday, the McHenry County Schools Environmental Education Program (ECSEEP) came to visit our school. We learned a lot about ground water and the effects of pollution. We also discussed ways that we can help conserve water. It was a great lesson!
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Must Knows

Wednesday: We are moving the reading & spelling test to Wednesday due to MAP testing this week.

Next week on Friday:
Hot Cocoa Party - Bring a mug 9:00-10:30

(If you would like to come to help serve hot cocoa, or play a few winter games with the kids, let me know and I'll add you to the list)

Mrs. Hoffman's Class

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