Mr. Foreman's Weekly Class Flyer

September 21, 2014

The Week in Review

What a productive week we have completed! Your children were working hard on their first digital project, their first published writing piece, and getting used to their new word study groups and requirements. Our digital project is creating a travel brochure for a region in Virginia. Your child and their partner researched, wrote and are now assembling a flyer using Pages on the iPad minis we have in the classroom. Some pairs have completed their projects with everyone scheduled to complete their work by Tuesday. We will also be wrapping up our first writing publishing project. We are learning how to be effective proof readers and constructive editors for our classmates. Our focus on this writing has been the main idea of a story. You will see a copy of the writing coming home next Monday. One copy will remain in each child's writing portfolio.

New This Week

VA Regions and Waterways Test on Wednesday

On Friday, all students received a study guide for our VA regions wrap up test, which will be held on Wednesday afternoon. We will review for the test on Tuesday in class. All information for the test is in your child's Social Studies interactive notebook, which we reviewed in class.

TFK Comes to Class

You will be seeing more about TFK this week when your child brings it home. TFK is Time for Kids. We have a weekly magazine we will get on Mondays. There will be two worksheets that correspond to the magazine and then will have a quiz on the magazine on Thursday. Students need to remember to bring their magazine back on Thursdays, as they use it for the quiz.

Word Study Due Friday

Word Study Journals due Friday and a Quiz on Friday.

POW Club Wednesday's from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.

As more of our fourth grade math classes continue to roll out Problem of the Week (POW), I offer POW club on Wednesday afternoons. This is a chance for the students to come and ask questions about their POW before it is due, find a quiet time to work on their POW, or just carve out an hour to get it done. This is not a place where I tell them if they have the correct answer, just a time to offer guidance and suggestions. Parents, if you have any questions on best how to help your child with POW it is this: have them look back to the practice problem. While there are many ways to solve these problems, we want the students to focus each week on a specific strategy and learn how to solve and explain the problem that way. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me or your child's math teacher.