Fredrick Calley Biography

Reactions/Consequences of the Treaty of Versailles

Fredrick Calley

Fredrick Calley was an enlistee in WWI. When the war was called to a ceasefire they thought everything was over. The Treaty of Versailles was not a high point for Germany. After it had been delivered to them and it had been examined, the Germans were shocked and not pleased. When Fredrick heard about the treaty and its terms, he was furious. After all of the fighting he did and there was still a treaty with over-bearing terms. The severity of the treaty was over the top. He did not agree with the terms of the treaty at all and neither did Germany. There was no other choice for Germany, but to sign the treaty. In the terms of the treaty, it said that Germany had to take full responsibility for all of the damage caused by the war. Many Germans, including Fredrick Calley, did not agree with that statement. Fredrick and many others also did not think that Germany should have to pay for all of the destruction of the war since they had not started it(20). Many people in Germany thought that they had not lost the war yet because the government only agreed to a ceasefire on 11/11/1918. Germany thought that they would be able to negotiate the terms of the Treaty. Fredrick wanted the terms to be negotiated or he was sure that Germany would be taken over or in for a downfall. Germany was reluctant because they could get invaded so easily with the treaty. Their military was decreased tremendously. Many heavy gas-using machines were prohibited. Germany was on lock down under the treaty. Fredrick wished there was something that he could do, but there was nothing. Fredrick didn't want Germany to sign the treaty, but a continuation of war was threatened if they didn't proceed to sign it. After 2 short weeks of reviewing the treaty, it was signed very reluctantly. This would lead to the rise of Hitler and a very poor and corrupted government and economy(21).