Pierce Staff Meeting

October 14, 2015


  • Positive Dog: Ms. Dickson 10 min.
  • Conscious Discipline-Expectations for Staff: Ms. Montes 20 min
  • Building Relationships: Ms. Aquino & Ms. Dickson 30 min

Look at benefits of being Positive...Introduction

1. When you read about the benefits of being positive, was there anything that surprised you?

2. When you read about the cost of negativity was there anything there that surprised you?

Upcoming Important Dates

October 15: Class Program: Sanchez & Abril 5:30-6:15 &

TA Tech Training

October 21: Staff Development: Exit Tickets & Strategic Plan

October 22: 1 District 1 Book -District-wide Initiative, more info coming soon

October 23: Big Truck Day &

CPAA English Math & Reading Testing Completion Deadline (All Classes)

October 28: PLC's @ Clifton 3:30-5:30

October 29: CIC Meeting

October 30: Book Parade 9:45 & 1:45 *Students & Staff dress as Book Characters &

Books & Treats Literacy Night 4:30-6:00 *All Professional Staff Required to attend

November 2: Parent Conference Paperwork Due (zip file to Ms. Dickson- email 9/25/15)

November 3: Purposeful Planning (Half Day)

November 4: Faculty Meeting

TA Tech Training

November 5: Group Pictures in the OLC Pumpkin Patch :)

November 6: CPAA Spanish Math & Reading Testing Completion Deadline (BIL Classes)

Friendly Reminders:

  • Please make sure that you are on time for work each day. Paraprofessionals should be clocking in on time and Professional Staff are expected to be at their doors ready to greet children at 7:30 each day. Tardy memos will be written if a tardy problem persists.
  • Please make sure that your time in the OLC is a teaching and learning experience filled with student exploration and interaction with teacher. If any materials go over the fence, please make sure you retrieve them before leaving the OLC so the next group has all the available materials to them.
  • Our attendance goal is 97%! Remember that the new procedures this year are for the teacher to make a phone call home when a student misses school. The teacher then documents the findings of this phone call in an email to Ms. Flores (Ms. Alonso) so that she can document it in E-school. We have several chronically absent students with no teacher phone call documentation. Since the District is focused on this, we want to make sure we are following procedures appropriately. Thank you to all of those who are calling home and emailing Ms. Flores consistently.
  • Remember that students should not be dismissed outside from school before 10:45 or 3:00. Lately, we have students getting into cars with parents before these times. Please make sure that all of our instructional time is maximized and correct dismissal times are followed.