Raúl Julia

The Actor

Early Life

Raúl Julia was born in 1940 in Puerto RicoHe was born into a talented family with his mother being part of a long line of music involved relativesAlthough music was in his blood he moved in 1964, to Manhattan, New York, where he acted in small roles in Broadway playsFrom there he began receiving bigger roles in other plays to where he began starring in movies which he is better known for
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Julia making it big

Julia did a great job with his part in the Shakespearean play called Two Gentlemen of Verona which earned him his first Tony awardHe earned another Tony award with his part in Where's Charley?He earned a total of 4 Tony awards in his careerHe became quite famous after his starring in Kiss Of the Spider WomanHis most famous role came as Gomez in The Addams Family

The Addams Family

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End of life

Raúl Julia died immediately following the creation of The Addams Family

Cool facts in Spanish!

El nació en San Juan, Puerto RicoEl viviá en San Juan y Nueva York¡El era un actor famoso en las peliculas y el teatro!El se murió en veinticuatro de octubre del mil novecientos noventa y cuatro El madre le encanta la musica

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