Alejandro A Writer

Who I am as a writer.

I'm A Writer Who...

I am a writer who likes to write about my own experiences and sometimes even fantasy things that will probably never happen. I like to writer like if I was talking to the person reading the book by asking questions and so on. I am a writer who doesn't think a lot about confidence and strengths so by just keep on writing. I am a writer who doesn't really like to share his work. I am Alejandro.

A Memorable Experience

Well I have had many experiences some are good and some bad. One that is bad is that I have learned that if you see someone do somethings dangerous you should always try it cause you can crack your skull. I have see back the day with fear and sadness it wasn't a good time for me or my family who paid for the damages in the wall, and the damages in me. So if someone is doing something dangerous and you want to be just like them I wouldn't do it

Six Grade Writing Goals

  • Learn how to write about different topics like in a project.
  • Learn to write with other people.
  • Be able to write as if I was a different person.

About Me

About me, a am a soccer lover and a sports one too. I live with three other people. My brother, mom, and dad. I have three pets my Guinea pig, my cat, and my dog. Flip, Cucua, and Lucas. I have lucky parents who take me to cool places. I have a brother who can help me in soccer, homework, and more. I have a loving and caring family. I am a person who loves god and whom is proud to be alive.