March S&D Recap!

April Incentives Announced!

What a March this has been!!!

I am just SO proud of this team and the effort that has been displayed by all to get qualified and so much more. Way to go and I am very much looking forward to April to see where your businesses will bring you!

April Incentives Announced!

Seeing STARS in April!

All of you know how much I LOVE holding incentives for our team. What I love even more is being able to reward YOU for such strong efforts! For the month of April...everyone who QUALIFIES...sells $500 in retail by April 7th...will receive a pack of Look Books from me.

PLUS...everyone who hits $2308 in retail by April 15th will receive a Statement Necklace of their choice! YES!!!! Go book one more show for the first week of April...I know you can!

I CANNOT wait to see how April unfolds!!!