Superintendent's Message

Susan M. Hasenauer, Superintendent

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Every day in our schools, our students are expected to exhibit Newark PRIDE behavior that is safe, responsible, respectful and fosters a sense of community. All behavioral expectations are reinforced daily in various ways District-wide by our caring teachers, administrators and support staff.

While most of our students follow our Code of Conduct, we are having an increase of negative student behavior that is impacting our school climate, particularly at the middle and high school levels. Sadly, many of the incidents that occur either stem from or are reflected in social media posts written from both students and community members and its misuse can be and has been very hurtful, if not damaging to students, staff and individuals. Furthermore, it has led to physical altercations, harassment and bullying. In many cases, social media has created a false narrative about our schools, our students and our staff.

Since becoming Superintendent in February 2021, I’ve been working to restore unity within our district and foster a greater sense of trust, belonging and inclusivity among students, staff and community members.

EVERYONE in our school community needs to feel welcome and safe because a strong sense of belonging is associated with positive outcomes for students' academic achievement and well-being. This equally applies to our staff because their overall effectiveness and ability to collaborate with others for the betterment of our students, is also equated with their sense of belonging and feeling safe.

To ensure this occurs, the Newark Central School District has no tolerance for inappropriate behavior and bullying of any kind, be it verbally or physically. If a student is disrespectful, ignores school rules or intentionally puts the health and safety of another at risk, there has been and will continue to be consequences for the individual’s actions and behaviors.

In July of 2021, our District team began to put safeguards in place for this year to enhance the safety and security of our district. This included implementing an anonymous 24-hour safe school helpline to provide assistance for individuals in need.

The Safe School Helpline is a confidential way to report concerns about threats, suicide, drugs, bullying or anything that threatens the safety of our students and school community and is available 24/7. I ask that you please use this or call the school directly if your child is experiencing a threat of any sort. This will allow us to intervene with the needed supports to protect students, provide appropriate resources and needed mental health supports to families and involved parties based on their individual need.

In addition, we are continuing the following work as we proceed throughout this school year:

  • Enhancing current violence prevention policies and procedures by integrating targeted violence prevention best practice recommendations and establishing District-wide Behavioral Threat Assessment Management Team Model
  • Revising District-wide and building level Emergency Response Plans
  • Reviewing and updating the current Code of Conduct for the purpose of integrating restorative practices, threat assessment and to ensure consistent discipline and referral procedures are aligned Pre-K-12
  • Re-establishing and resetting expected behaviors at the High School

Each of the actions above have been taken to proactively support the safety and security in our buildings. Teachers, administrators and staff members show up each day to support our children. They deserve the respect of students, parents and the entire school community. When we take to social media, we are sensationalizing what has been shared and adding to the problem versus being part of the solution. Please support our schools and your children by encouraging positive respectful behavior as well as monitor their use of social media and participation on certain platforms. We need your help in being part of the solution.

I have said from day one my door is always open and I have met with many of you regarding your questions or concerns. We cannot control other people’s behavior, but we each can model respectful behavior and treat others the way we want to be treated. Every Newark family carries the narrative of our school and our community. How do you want to be seen and to what extent do you want social media and disrespectful behavior to define who we are versus being the District that is the centerpiece of our community that binds students, staff, families and neighbors through a sense of hometown pride? Again, we are seeking your partnership in supporting our schools.

Thank you,

Susan Hasenauer

Upcoming Drama Club Presentation

The Newark High School Drama Club will be presenting "Singin in the Rain" March 4 - 6, 2022 in the High School Auditorium. Please click here to read more about this upcoming musical: Rehearsals Underway For "Singin in the Rain" ( Please come out to see all the hard work these students have been putting in to present this musical!! The poster below (created by Senior Cody Acquista) contains details on dates and times. Tickets are available at the door.
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NHS Students Advocate for Ongoing Support of Special Olympics

Four Newark High School students and their Unified Sports Coach Matt Groot joined Special Olympics New York leaders for 2022 Capital Hill Day February 9th and 10th in advocating virtually (via Zoom) for federal funding to support Special Olympics Unified Sports and Inclusive Health programs. Please click here to read this incredible story about our students: Advocates ( We are extremely proud of them!!

Professional Development Corner

In an effort to enhance communication with our families, we have developed several sessions to help you to learn more about a variety of programs and areas of focus for our district. Please click on the link below to view our Winter / Spring family offerings and to sign up to participate in those that interest you.

Here are some of the upcoming sessions:

  • 3/9/22: Reading Made Easier with Microsoft Immersive Reader
  • 3/22/22: SEL for Families
  • 4/7/22: Career Pathways / Career and Technical Education Programs
  • 4/21/22: Understanding Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and the Committee on Special Education (CSE) Process
  • 5/4/22: Keeping Students Safe Online

Click here to sign up for the Winter/Spring 2022 Family Learning Opportunities

Upcoming Board of Education Meetings

The next Board meeting will be held on March 2nd at 6:30 PM. This meeting will be in-person at the Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES Conference Center. You can view this meeting (and all Board meetings) by clicking on this link:

If you would like to speak during Public Comment at a Board meeting you can sign up ahead of the meeting by contacting Stacy Warren at 332-3217 or or there will be a sign up sheet at the entrance to the Conference Room.

You can find a complete list of the Board meetings happening during the 2021-22 school year on our website. Please check the website closer to each meeting date for the agenda.

Newark CSD Athletic Schedules

Please click here for our Newark CSD Athletic Schedules:

COVID-19 Corner

We understand the fatigue with the pandemic and frustrations over masking, but the school district has a responsibility to maximize the safety of all students and staff.

As you know, on Wednesday, February 9, 2022, Governor Hochul announced that New York State would reassess the mask mandate for schools after February break. Until the Governor completes her reassessment or until the court issues a decision, masks will continue to be required on buses and in school buildings as part of our safety protocols that have been in place for several months as outlined in our district plans. In addition, masking will continue to be required pursuant to the Determination by the New York State Commissioner of Health dated January 13, 2022 and based on Regulation 2.60. The District will continue to monitor the litigation and follow directives from the State Education Department, NYS Department of Health and the local health department, as well as seek the expertise of the school's insurance carrier, the school district's attorney and the district's medical director to make the best decisions for the entire District.

We would like to thank all of those who have shared your viewpoint with us. It always has and will continue to be taken into consideration as we make decisions moving forward. We will keep you apprised of changes as they occur.

In addition, if you are in need of a COVID test, please call District Office at 332-3217 or email Stacy Warren at to secure a testing kit and arrange pick up.

Health and Wellness

Please click here for a link to an article "10 Ways Parents Can Bring Social-Emotional Learning Home"": 10 Ways Parents Can Bring Social-Emotional Learning Home | EdSurge News
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Safe Schools Hotline

In response to the needs of our community, I am excited to introduce to you a Safe School Helpline as a preventative measure to safeguard our students and our schools PreK -12. This helpline has been developed for you, our students, parents and staff members to help maintain safety and the most positive school environment possible. The hotline can be used to report wrongdoings or illegal activity. Any type of information involving a threatening situation to students, the school or staff should be reported. Examples include thoughts of suicide or self-harm, violence, weapons, bullying, drugs and alcohol and theft. It is confidential, anonymous and available 24/7. For students that need immediate assistance, a counselor will be on hand and responsive.

To access this line, just call from a touch-tone phone to 1-800-4-1-VOICE, ext. 359 (418-6423) to leave your information. Or TEXT: 614-426-0240 Then type: TIPS Your message will not be traced and you will not be identified. The Safe School Helpline® team will transcribe and fax your message to school officials, so appropriate action can be taken. Posters and brochures will be visible throughout the District and information will also be on our website.

Thank you again for your continued support to continually improve your child’s education and sense of belonging in our District. If you have any questions regarding the Safe School Helpline, please don’t hesitate to call. I am looking forward to an amazing school year!

Please click here to access additional information on our Safe School Helpline from our website:

District Hiring Needs

The Newark Central School District is in immediate need of the following positions that offer full benefits:

  • Spanish Teacher
  • Technology Teacher
  • Long Term Sub Kindergarten Teacher
  • Long Term Sub School Psychologist
  • Long Term Sub Elementary Teacher
  • Building Substitute Teachers
  • Speech Therapist
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Teacher Aides
  • Bus Drivers
  • Bus Monitors
  • Custodian
  • Clerical Positions

Please click here for a newsletter from Dan McAlpin, Executive Director of Human Resources. There are links in the newsletter to apply for any of the above positions.

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