by Neal Shusterman Genre: Fantasy

Nick and Allie

In the beginning of the book, Nick and Allie died in a car accident. Both of them were sent to a world between life and death: Everlost.

Mary HighTower

After Nick and Allie found out that they were dead, both of them decided to travel to discover the new place. They both found coins in their pockets, but ignored them. On their adventure, Nick and Allie met Mary Hightower, who was consider the queen of Everlost because of her knowledge and theory of the world. She lives with other many children in a skyscraper.


Nick and Allie soon realize that Mary Hightower is keeping all of the children repeating their roles everyday. Allie started to dislike Mary, but Nick started to like her. Mary's friend, Vari, soon became jealous of Nick, and tricks Nick into going to a dangerous place.


Allie learns that Nick is in trouble, so she asks Mary Hightower for help, but Mary rejects Allie. Allie goes to save Nick. When Allie arrives, no one was there. Allie soon finds out that McGill, the most feared monster in Everlost, took NIck.

The McGill

Allie heads out to search of the McGill. She figures out that the McGill lives on a boat. She then finds the boat and meets the McGill. Instead of getting captured, Allie kept tricking McGill. When McGill figured out that Allie was tricking him, Allie quickly took actions and tricked him once again. Allie freed all the children in the boat and unmasked McGill. McGill was the brother of Mary HighTower, his memory was twisted and so was his form, but his form changed once again when he saw his sister.

The Chocolate Ogre

After the McGill ran away because of his looks and his realization of his foolishness, Nick learns that the coin in your pocket, is the key to leavving the Everlost. While Nick was excited about the idea, Mary opposed of it. When Nick told all the children of Mary, Mary was furious and left the city. Mary then named Nick as the Chocolate Ogre because of his chocolate stain on his face, and warned the Everlost of his being.