of the Revolutionary War

Swords and Sabres

Used mostly by officers, Revolutionary War swords were often ornamental in nature and decorated with precious materials. General George Washington considered his sword to be part of the uniform and many Washington paintings from the Revolutionary War era feature him holding an unsheathed sword.


America first experimented with the concept of an underwater vessel during the Revolutionary War. A submarine, then called "the Turtle" was invented by David Bushnell in order to attach explosives to British ships without being detected


The Bayonet was used when the gun was not in use. Only 20% of the lead shot actually hit anyone in most of the battles. The Bayonet, however, almost always cause a major wound or death if used correctly.

Long Rifle

This gun shot up to 250 yards. It was far more accurate than the standard issue Musket because it had etches in the barrel that caused the bullet to spin so it was more accurate. Most sharpshooters had this rifle.