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Digital Learning Specialist - Jessica Mozisek

Integrating Technology on YOUR Campus

I am thrilled for the opportunity to work with Lake Olympia Middle School faculty and staff this year as your Digital Learning Specialist. I’ve enjoyed teaching high school English in both Fort Bend ISD and Norman Oklahoma, and I’ve worked with our TEKS as well as Common Core. I currently hold Master’s of Education in Secondary Education, in a concurrent degree from the University of Houston and the University of Oklahoma. I am a licensed teacher of English, reading and English as a second language in both Texas and Oklahoma.

I am here to help you in many ways. I offer professional development for teachers in a variety of ways including: full staff sessions, one-on-one training, department meetings, professional learning communities or administrative meetings. I also help with lesson design, and I am happy to assist with you in the classroom to assist during technology aided classrooms.

There are various tools I can help you with that include but are not limited to, Edmodo, Gaggle, Discovery Education (including Board Builder), VBrick, flipped classrooms, Atomic Learning, Web 2.0 tools and iPad applications. If you would like training or if you have questions regarding how I can help, please contact me at any time. If you can dream up a technology integrated lesson, I’d love to help you make it a reality!

Campus Technology Tools

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To put in a trouble ticket:

Go to and click on the staff tab.

Click Financials CRM & log in

Click CRM (upper right)

Click customer support center

Click create case

Type in your last name and hit enter

Click on your name and then you can fill out the case.

In the “category” training will get you a DLS and desktop will get you a tech analyst