Panther Newsletter

8th Grade

Upcoming Events:

  • Friday, January 22 - STAR card iPod in advisory

Spelling Bee

Congratulations to the following students for participating in the school wide Spelling Bee held January 12, 2016.

Science News:

This week we will investigate plate tectonics and how plate movement creates landforms such as ridges, rift valleys, volcanoes, mountains, trenches and faults.

We will have a Science Assessment next Monday over weather and plate tectonics as well as chemistry and physics concepts.

Using SKYPE to learn about the weather.

On Tuesday, students had the opportunity to SKYPE with meteorologist Ashton Alteri from WFAA Channel 8 Weather. It was an amazing experience where we had the opportunity to learn about how to become a meteorologist, what he does to prepare for the news each day as well as get his expertise on some really great questions.

He even gave us a "shout out" on the news Tuesday night. What a great experience!

Channel 8 News "Shout Out"

If the video says restricted, just click on the "YouTube" button
Skyping with Meteorologist Ashton Alteri

Math/Algebra News:

The Algebra class has started our unit over the Laws of Exponents. This will be a short unit and we will wrap it up with an assessment on Thursday 1/28.

In Math class, we are continuing our study of linear relationships and slope. These concepts are vital because students will need to know them for Algebra I. If your student is struggling, please encourage them to attend tutoring.

Tutoring is available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings 7:30 to 8:00. Afternoon tutoring is available Monday and Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:15.

History News:

We are continuing the Unit over the U.S. Constitution this week and will be finishing at the beginning of next week. Students are learning about the issues surrounding the creation of the Constitution, the basic principles, the articles, and the Bill of Rights (1st 10 amendments). Next week will be begin Unit #6: The New Republic where students will learn about George Washington's presidency and the beginning of political parties.

Tutoring is available the following times:

Wednesday - Thursday Mornings (7:30-8:05)

**If students need an alternate time, they need to email me to figure out a time that would work the best.**

ELAR News:

Field Trip Reflection: The students made me proud in the respect they exhibited towards both the artifacts they viewed and the people they encountered. The staff at the Holocaust Museum even complimented our group for their behavior and curiosity.

The students are now using this trip as a launching pad for this quarter's major project. Each student has chosen a topic related to the Holocaust, and they are walking through the steps of research. Today we began Step #3 (see pictures below) where students used the Diigo Web Collector tool to gather relevant information from their reliable sources. This project will take a while, but they will blow your mind when they're done.