Bacterial Pathogen

Strep Throat

All About Strep

When I had strep I had many symptoms. My symptoms included sore throat, fever, pain when I swallow, fever over 101, swollen tonsils and ,white or yellow spots on the back of a bright red throat. The 1st line defense is the skin barrier and the 2nd line deference is when the glands swell. The body is producing more white cells to fight this infection. This is making the cells hard at work. The immune system recognizes the pathogen because certain antigens fit into it. The body now produced antibodies to make the body immune to the pathogens.


A pathogen is an agent that causes infection or disease, especially a microorganism, such as a bacterium or protozoan, or a virus.

An antigen is a substance that stimulates the production of an antibody when introduced into the body.

An antibody is produced in response to the presence of specific foreign antigens. They are produced after you would come in contact with the virus or bacteria.

An immune response is a protective response of the body's immune system to an antigen, especially a microorganism or virus that causes disease.

A phagocyte is any cell that ingests and destroys foreign particles, bacteria, and cell debris.