Gatsby? Who is he?

How does he throw so many parties?

The party of last night

Who was there, why should you have come? Rumors have it that Gatsby had made an appearance at the end of the night. It seemed that he was hitting it off with the lovely Ms. Jordan, but she wasn't the only one there. You could have stayed in the library, "the books are real" the owl-eyed man could have informed you. Also making his first appearance in one of our parties was Nick Caraway. All the usuals had showed up, even the Roosevelt's, but they always show up at the party, uninvited.

How was the party?

Joyous and full of booze, the best kind of party we could have. No one was fighting just partying. It was one of the best parties we have ever had! Everyone can show their wealth and do what they want. Why do they do what they want? Because they can! They have enough money to do as they please, and get away from it.

But really, who is the mysterious Gatsby?

Some are saying that he could have been a German spy. One girl even said that she heard someone say that he killed a man to retrieve his riches. Both of these could be the case, specifically since people think he was raised in Germany, but some even think that during the war, he was just a humble American soldier. None of us really know what he does or has done in his life, but with this many different hypothesizes, the answer has to be here.