Relationships and Communication

Be Safe and Kind Online!

What it means to build relationships online:

Our students are learning about relationships they can build online, and making good choices in deciding who to communicate with.

Just like when communicating with someone in real life, we should use a respectful tone when talking online. Tone describes the way something sounds, and students are learning to express their feelings in a caring way online.

What your child should know:

The Internet is not a physical place to visit like a playground, but is a way to talk with others who are not in the same place, using computer connections.

Emails are a kind of message written and sent on the computer.

What children should be able to do:

Your student is learning to recognize who it is safe to communicate with on the Internet. In class we have talked about talking only with familiar people, such as family members or friends. Use the image to the right to remind students to only communicate with people who are within their network, or who are known to them.

To communicate online students are learning how to write and send emails to people they know, using a respectful tone. This includes using polite greetings and closings, and thinking carefully about our word choices.

A Practice Activity

As a class we wrote an email together, remembering to pick a recipient we knew, write with proper greetings and closing, and use a respectful tone. The class then split into two groups: the sender and the receiver. The senders read the email together and walked around the room to act out delivering the message. Once getting the messages, the receiving students read it aloud.

You can do an activity like this with your child at home to practice writing emails to different people the child may know, and using only kind, caring words.

Click the link below to learn more about email from BrainPOP Jr.!


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