How to have a healthy lifestyle

This will help you live a healthier life


Nutrition is when you eat the recommended amount of food and the right type of food. Read food labels and eat a balanced meal. You should try to eat 1 dark,green,and orange vegetable everyday. You should also eat vegetables and fruits instead of drinking juice.


A healthy lifestyle is not all about eating healthy it's all so about working out, having a lot of sleep, and to have the right amount of stress. Stress is not bad if you have the right amount of it . If you have the right of stress it becomes a motivator and it puts pressure and stresses you to get it done. Sleep is good because all day your body is under stress. So when you sleep you give you body time to ''chill''. Working out helps you look healthy and you will feel healthier if you work out. It will also help you live longer.

Food additives

Food additive are not all bad but there are a lot of bad additives. Check the website above ( a list of bad food additives) and it will show you 10 bad food additives that are bad.

Why we did it

We made this brocher so you could live a healthy life