Virtual Reality

By James Dashner

Information for the Book

The Publisher is Delacorte Press

It was Publish on October 8th, 2013

how many pages it has is 310 pages

Mini-Articles 1 and 2

1.) The main character is Michael and he is a gamer. He likes to spend a lot of time in his virtual reality pod, it is like the ultimate experience for people who like video games. Also he is a hacker in the virtual reality game, and that how he met his best friends. Sarah and Bryson are his only friends and the group of friends like to hack or cheat in video games. 2.) What the book is basically about is that 3 friends get approached by a company named VirtNet and the VirtNet have been watching them and their hacking skills for some time. And they are hired to track down a hacker or cyber terrorist named Kaine and his is know for killing people in the Virtual Reality games, by killing their brains or getting in their heads and making them commit suicide.

The Group of Friends are also not the other ones not tracking them down but another hackers and people are tracking him down too. And Kaine made this virus or glitch named Mortality Doctrine that is going to kill everyone using the virtual reality pod because they got wires hooked on them and it could kill them. How the the book starts is a friend of Michael named Tanya wants to kill herself because Kaine is getting inside her head, telling her horrible things, and giving her headaches when she stops playing the game, then she kills herself. Michael knows that there is something fishy and wrong so he, gets scared because he doesn't know who this Kaine guy is. What leads to the climax is that Michael digs deeper to find Kaine, Kaine and Michael are in a middle of a battle VNS agents are battling Kill Sims and kaine tells Michael that he is a Tangent, and then kills him. Michael is back in the real world and he is shocked that he is a Tangent, which means he is in a another person body and he was originally just a computer program, but that's why his "parents" never came back, he learns that he is special.

Mini Articles 3-5

3.) What the main problem is in the story is that VNS doesn't know what Mortality Doctrine is but does know something about it , it kills people. How the protagonist is involved in what conflict is that he has to make the decisions keep on going on the missions or abandon the mission. 4.) The importance for the title for the Eye Of Minds is that not everything you see is real . What another that might work for this book is What is real and What is not real because Micheal is not actually getting hurt in the book and but only in the game. 5.) I would give this 4.5/ 5 because their was a lot of action non stop and adventure. Everything else was good but the author really didn't explain what Tangent mean because that left me puzzle because I didn't really get it but for the most part it was pretty good.

By Roberto Cordero