Death Cloud

By: Megan Mendez & Aidan McGreger

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In 1868, fourteen year old Sherlock Holmes went to his Aunt and Uncle's vast house in Farnham, England.

Rising Action

While lurking outside of the Sherrinford's, Sherlock met a young boy named Matty. Sherlock and Matty became friends almost instantly. After one of Sherlock's adventures with Matty he came home to a mysterious fellow named Amyus Crowe. Sherlock's uncle had hired Mr. Crowe to teach Sherlock while he was staying at the Sherrinford's. Afetr many investigations/adventures with Matty and Amyus Crowe, Sherlock finally met Crowe's daughter,Virginia.


Sherlock and Matty had been investigating about deaths that involved a certain "cloud". Since they had a small piece of evidence they decided to take Virginia Crowe & her father on a mission to London. On their adventurous quest, Sherlock solved the case at the English Coast. He discovered that the the cloud wasn't necessarily a cloud but a cluster of bees!

Falling Action

. 4. Mr.Crowe talks to Sherlock and Matty and asks them what the learned from this whole situation. Sherlock replied with “I learned thatbees are fascinating and sorely neglected creatures” while Matty said “that you always need someone to back you up”.(pg 306)

3.He destroys all of the pollen with fire after he ecaped and killed Mr. Surd.[pg 301 and 302]

2. He kills Mr.Surd by choking him with the yellow pollen in their fight while he was hitting sherlock with his pointed whip.(pg.298 and 299)

1. He tried to escape from his captures so he can be free and tell Mr.Crowe what Virginia and him found about the situation.


Sherlock wakes up and is starving and sore. He then saw with a chill a bone-white face and pink eyes glaring at him in the window and he knew his life would never be the same.(pg 306)